TOWNS - Jan Kempdorp



Municipality: Phokwane Local Municipality
District Municipality: Frances Baard District Municipality


Jan Kempdorp Info


The town of Jan Kempdorp is situated in the centre of the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme in the Northern Cape. This charming settlement is located on the border between the Northern Cape and the North West Province of South Africa.

History and Activities for Jan Kempdorp

This was originally known as Andalusia named in honour of the Spanish Andalusia donkeys that were worked on the irrigation project. This settlement was the headquarters for the officials involved with the scheme. During the Second World War, the town hosted the site of an internment camp for Nazi sympathisers as well as a vast depot that was constructed to store ammunition in case of a coastal invasion. The settlement was renamed after Jan Kempdorp, the Minister of Agriculture, in 1954.

The following activities are available:

  • Birding
  • Historical significance
  • Museums
  • Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme