The local government, as a sphere of government is the one that is at the coal face of service delivery. It is this sphere that is tasked to ensure the betterment of the lives of ordinary citizens. Our communities have their priority needs through engagement meetings of the I.D.P ward forum and the representative forum. It is now upon us to ensure that those needs become a reality by utilizing all available limited resources at our disposal. The delivery of efficient, effective and economical services remains our top priority as a developmental local government.As political head of the municipality, I commit all deployed politician to grant their political buy-in and support for the delivery of sustainable services. We all know that the resources are limited to match and eradicate the services backlog particularly in our previously disadvantage communities. However, if we work together to ensure maximum impact with limited resources, we are  likely to gain support and confidences of our respective communities. Ours as deployed cadres is focus to deliver services, while cognizance of the harsh reality of our economic meltdown, not only affecting us but the whole world.I’m the first to acknowledge that there’s been areas where we are unable to immediately attend to, which amongst others include our poor roads infrastructure, economic development, recreational facilities development, bulk infrastructure which cannot accommodate growth due to its previous planning, inadequate equipments to ensure effective and efficient maintenance and slow delivery of housing. These and not mentioned remains our challenges we are mindful of and continue to communicate with sector departments for assistance. It is our hope that with recent national election and the prioritization of rural development the fore mentioned issues will be tackled.Through our partnership with national, provincial governments, as well as the private sector and other relevant stakeholders, we believe that a lot can be achieved in ensuring a better life for our people. In our unity of purpose and efforts we will deliver in terms of our section 152 & 154 of RSA constitutional mandate. I hereby present to you a 2008/9 reviewed IDP of Phokwane Local Municipality.  

Hon. Mayor Vuyisile Khen